Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 Grand Lake, OK Fishing Tournaments

2015 Fishing Tournaments on Grand Lake/50 or more boats



Tournament/Association                Date          Weigh-in site         Boats

FLW, LLC                                            3/14/15     Wolf Creek             300         

Anglers in Action                             3/21/15     Wolf Creek             100

Future Bass Trails LLC                     3/22/15     South Winds            60

Nichols Marine                                 4/12/15     Wolf Creek             600

FLW Rayovac                                    4/15/15     Wolf Creek             UKN

The Bass Federation                        4/22/15     Wolf Creek               50

Anglers in Action                             4/25/15     Martin Landing       100

Future bass Trails LLC                     4/26/15     South Winds           100

Falcon Grand Challenge                  5/2/15       Martin landing      1200

Skeeter XFL                                       5/3/15       Wolf Creek               200

Anglers in Action                             5/9/15       Wolf Creek                100

Masonic Lodges                               5/9/15       Bernice Point              50

Tulsa Hookers Bass Club                5/16/15     Grove City ramp        60

Nichols Marine                                 5/17/15     Wolf Creek               600

Oakley Big Bass Tour                      5/30/15     Wolf Creek               250

Nichols Marine Series                     6/7/15       Wolf Creek               600

Fishin Pals Grand Challenge          6/13/15     Martin Landing        280

Future Bass Trails LLC                     6/13/15     South Winds              60

Anglers in Action                             6/20/15     Martin landing         100

Future Bass Trails LLC                     7/11/15     South Winds               60

Big Bass Bash                                   7/18/15     Wolf Creek                UKN

Future Bass Trails LLC                     7/26/15     South Winds               60

Future Bass Trails LLC                     8/15/15     South Winds               60

Oklahoma Bass Federation            9/12/15     Wolf Creek                 50

Nichols Marine Series                     9/19/15     Wolf Creek               600

FLW-College Tournament              10/17/15   Wolf Creek                 50

Future Bass Trails LLC                     10/24/15   South Wind                60

There will also be 27 other tournaments planned with 12-49 boats this summer at Grand lake.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Bass Master Classic will return to Grand Lake and Tulsa in 2016

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Grand Lake, Ok real estate activity for February, 2015

Real Estate Market Report for NE Oklahoma

(Grand Lake area)

February, 2015

The real estate market is starting to tighten up in the Grove, Ok (Grand Lake area). 

Total listings available for sale have declined 10.4% to 857 units.  New listings in February are down 28.8% for the month and 9.5% for YTD.  The decline in available inventory and options for buyers has also affected sales for the 1st part of the year. February, 2015 sales/closings are down 37.7% from a year ago and down 20% for the 1st two months of 2015 compared to 2014.


Pending contracts are doing better in February at 65 units but still down 4.4% compared to 68 homes under contract last year.  The lower amount of listings available to sell has lowered the absorption rate (how long it would take to sell all homes for sale if no others entered the market).  The rate has dropped from 13.79 months a year ago to less than one year of inventory at 11.52 months and a reduction of 16.46%. The median days on Market for February, 2015 sales was 161 days.  That is an increase of time on the market of 8.48% from one year ago.

Average price of listings available for sale is $249,544 and increase of 6.44% from last year.  Cheaper homes are selling in 2015 compared to 2014.  The average sales price in the 1st two months of 2015 is $121,830 compared to $140,652 in 2014 a 13.38% decline in value.

Interest rates continue to hold low.  Fixed rates for 30 year loans are around 3.9 to 4% and loans at 3.25% can be had on 15 year fixed rate mortgages.