Thursday, September 13, 2018

Wichita, KS office building for sale or lease.

10100 W. Maple, Wichita, KS 67209

West Wichita, KS office building next to the Rolling Hills Country Club


11,400 sq ft on main and Garden level

Perfect for Doctor office, insurance, attorney, real estate, lender, title company...any professional enterprise.

Presently 80% leased, great for a 101 tax deferred exchange
Above link is a 3D tour of the viewed using a touch screen computer or tablet.

Monday, August 13, 2018

August, 2018 Housing report for the

Grand Lake area of NE Oklahoma.

The average list price of homes listed  I July, 2018 was up 3% while the average sales price of July sold homes was  up 25% this month/  YTD List prices average 4.2% higher than 2017 and Sold prices were up almost 10%.  What this means are more expensive homes were selling than in the previous reporting period.  This reflected in looking at the price breakdown homes sold below $120,000.  Every price range had less homes sold YTD in 2018 than 2017.  Conversely, every price range but two above $120,000 to $500,000+ had more sales.

Total sold listing are still down in 2018 from 2017.  The MLS reported 596 residential properties sold YTD in 2017 compared to only 543 homes sold YTD this year.  That is 9.1% less than last year.  There was some good news on this July closing this year were up 27% over last year and pending sales are up 17% over the same period last year.

Listings continue to be down and less than what we need in the Grand Lake area.

There are 9.6% less homes for sale in July of 2018 than last year.  This trend is not looking to change anytime soon.  July of 2018 showed 23.9% less homes listed during the month and there were 5.6% less new listing YTD compared to last year.

Some good news:

Interest raes have settled down a bit.  FHA and VA 30 year rates are 4.375%

15 Year conventional rates are 4.125% and 30 year rates are 4.625%

Jumbo loan rate are 4.125% for 15 year terms

Loans for modular and doublewide homes

A couple of lenders are starting to make minimum down loans for manufactured homes.

They need to have a permanent foundation and FHA approved tie downs  3.5 to 5% down payments are being accepted.

Data provided by Wayne Short with RE/MAX Grand Lake in Grove, OK and the NE Oklahoma MLS.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Wichita, KS office building for sale

FOR Sale or Lease

10100 W. Maple

Wichita, KS 67209

Price has been reduced to $847,500
Almost 12,000 sq ft in this west side office building next to the Rolling Hills country club.

Contact Wayne Short at 918-218-6011

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


January to June, 2018

Grand Lake Real Estate activity

Not every listing sells…even in a good and fast market. The total time it would take to sell the 899 residential listings on the market now is down to 9.75 months compared to almost a year this same time in 2017. 

So far in the 1st 5 months of 2018, 348 residential properties have sold in the Grand Lake area compared to 400 during the 1st 5 months of 2017.  There were 963 new listings added to the market during this same time period meaning less than ½ of the properties listed in 2018 have sold.

Why would this happen?  #1 is over-pricing, #2 is not staging the properties for a good showing or not being available when the buyer’s want to show.  #3 is dated homes or homes with defects that are not being addressed, #4 is homes not easily accessible (no lockboxes or keys allowed) and #5 is poor or inadequate marketing.  Notice that the seller controls 4 of the 5 reasons homes do not sell.

What is and is not being listed in the Grand Lake area. The under $100,000 homes are down 15% from a year ago.  There are 16% more homes listed this year than last in the $160,000 to $300,000 price range and the top market from $300,000 up has about 2% less homes listed than last year.

Sale to original price ratio:  All homes in all price ranges were averaging about 90% of sales price to Original list price during May, 2018.  This number fluctuates widely but overall is down about 5% from a couple of years ago.

What we really need more of:

 Nice lakefront homes below $500,000 on navigable water with their own docks and stick built homes below $120,000 for the 1st time buyers.

Data derived from the NE Oklahoma MLS by Wayne Short, CRB, CRS, Associate Broker,

RE/MAX Grand Lake.

Monday, January 15, 2018

2017 residential Real Estate sales at Grand Lake, Oklahoma

2017 Sales Analysis for the NE Oklahoma MLS and Selected Areas.
January, 2018
Grand Lake O'Cherokees

                                                                 Winter at the Lake

Entire MLS:        

1040 residential sales compared to 918 in 2016, a 13%

increase.  $178,400 average price in the 4 county areas.

Delaware County:

584 homes sold with an average price of $220,100.

Total residential sales exceeded $128 million in value.  1/4th    of all sales

were homes over $300,000.  1/3rd of all sales were homes from

$140,000 to $300,000.  40% of all sales were for cash. 48% sold with 

conventional loans and 9% sold either FHA or VA.


313 homes sold compared to 291 in 2016, a 7% increase in sales.  Over

$68,000,000 residential sales in Grove during 2017…1/2 of Delaware

counties total sales.  The time to sell all active listing in the area (the

absorption rate) has dropped from around 12 months in 2016 to less

than 9 months last year.

The consensus is that homes are selling faster, there is less inventory to

choose from, prices are starting to finally increase and

homes are selling for a higher % of their last listed price.

Now is the time for more new construction in the area.  Now is the time

For sellers to get their properties listed so that buyers have a greater

choice.  2018 looks like a great year for buyers and sellers in the Grand

Lake area.

Data by the NE Oklahoma MLS.  Not audited, Analysis provided by Wayne Short, Broker, RE/MAX Grand Lake

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fall, 2017 Real Estate Update for Grand Lake, OK

2017, 1st 8 months of real estate activity for

The Grand Lake area of NE Oklahoma.

Data provided by the NE Oklahoma MLS

The 1st 8 months of real estate activity for the Grand Lake area in 2017 has been a busier sales year than 2016.  2017 has had 788 residential sales (avg. 98.5 per month) compared to the 678 sales (84.5 per month) in 2016.  This was a 16.5% increase in real estate activity for the three county areas.

During the most recent 6 month period ending October 1, 2017 there were 29 residential closings in Grove, Ok; 50 closings in Delaware County and 88 closing in the entire MLS area for Grand Lake.  The latest 6 months show a total of 618 in 2017 closings compared to just 534 for 2016.  This continues a trend started two years ago..

Average Days on the market for listing have reduced from 177 days in 2016 to 154 days in 2017.

Absorption rate (months to sell all listed homes) has dropped from 13.4 months in 2016 to 11.19 months in 2017.

There are fewer listing for sale now than a year ago, 872 compared to last year’s 990 as of Oct. 1, 2017.  New listing in 2017 kept pace with 2016 showing a 1.8% increase in listing.

Pending sales continue strong with 90 listed as of Oct. 1, 2017 compared to 87 a year ago.

Active listings Oct.1, 2017 were 872 compared to almost 1,000 this time a year ago.

Activity in various Price ranges.

350 homes sold in 2017 below the $100,000 price range compared to 322 a year ago for the 1st 8 months of the year.

226 homes sold in the $100,000 to $200,000 price range in 2017 compared to 186 last year.

105 homes were sold in the $200,000 to $300,000 price range compared to 75 during the 1st 8eight months of 2016

$300,000 and up saw 107 homes sold in 2017 compared to 91 homes in 2016.

What the rest of the year should bring:  Prices should start rising; inventories and supplies of homes need to rise and sales will lesson a bit this fall and winter with less lake visitors.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Grand Lake O'Cherokees, Summer real estate update, 2017

Summer Real Estate report for the Grand Lake and NE Oklahoma MLS served areas.

August, 2017

Year to date there have been 15.6% more sold listings than the 1st ½ of 2016 (579 compared to 501 sales last year) but last month business finally slowed down and there were 21.2% less closings (85 down to 67 this June).

Total new listings so far in 2017 were 1303 compared to 1277 last year, a 2% increase.  Because of this year’s sales increase we only have 895 active listings compared to 1034 a year ago, a 13.4% decrease.  What this means is that we only have 11.23 months of inventory if nothing else went on the market compared to 13.38 months on inventory last year……What we need at the lake is more inventory of existing and new built homes and we need them now.

The median list price of listings is constant with last year at almost $160,000.  The average price is closer to $250,000 at the lake.  We are not yet seeing an increase in values at the lake but should start seeing an uptick if inventory levels do not start increasing.

The biggest increase in sales this year was in the $159,999 to $199,999 price range (over a 50% increase).  The $200,000 to $400,000 price range saw around a 20% increase in total sales.

Even with this increase in sales it is amazing how many new listings do not sell.  There were 1303 new homes listed in the 1st 6 months of 2017 but closings were only 579.  There are 669 pending sales as of July 1, 2017 but many of the closings and pending sales were listings that occurred in 2016.  Well priced, well conditioned and decorated homes sell and the others do not.

Interested in a new home or selling the one you now have? Give me a call, text or email and let’s get together.

Wayne “SHORTY” Short, 918-218-6011

RE/MAX Grand Lake,